We also offer a variety of tailor-made workshops to meet individual organisational and business’ needs. Including: Leadership development, conflict resolution and team building workshops.


Change is always hard. Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective. We provide coaching and consulting to out you on track to effectively achieving your goals


Ruth is also available to speak at conferences, board retreats and events


Meetings that Matter

Tired of meetings that don’t go anywhere?
Frustrated with ineffective decision-making?

 Discover how to:

  • Increase effectiveness and harmony
  • Improve employee morale and “buy in”
  • Decrease number of meetings significantly
  • Empower every voice to be heard
  • Streamline decision-making processes

This introductory workshop will prime you to commence your journey for meaningful and productive meetings in your organisation.

Based on the principles of Sociocracy / Dynamic Governance.

Turning Anger into Compassionate Action

Sick of conflict that hangs around and isn’t dealt with?
Looking to express your anger with clarity and kindness?

 In this course you will explore new possibilities for establishing meaningful connections.

  • Explore new ways to express yourself authentically
  • Transform habitual reactions to engage mindfully
  • Resolve anger & conflict with presence and compassion

Compassionate Communication Foundation Training course based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg.

Delivered in 6 evening sessions or 2 full days.


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