Our Approach

Restorative Interactions is a communication and professional development training business specialising in supporting people and organisations find their voices and express their stories in ways that contribute to community and peace building.

Our Story

Restorative Interactions was born out of a desire to empower individuals and organisations with the tools to share our stories in ways that collaboratively make a difference.

Meet the Founder

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Ruth Newport

Founder & Director

Ruth Newport is Director/Founder of Restorative Interactions; a consultancy and training business working to further social change and peace building through new forms of governance and effective communication practices.

Ruth facilitates individuals and groups to enhance their teamwork and workplace satisfaction.

Amongst her professional qualifications and experience are:

  • Certified Sociocracy trainer with 7 years experience
  • Non-Violent Communication trainer with 8 years experience
  • Masters in Organisational Communication and Decision-Making
  • Lecturer in Communication Studies

Additionally she has contributed to conferences globally including work with international peace building organisations in Switzerland and India. She has also published on developmental projects in Africa.

Ruth is passionate about empowering people to work collaboratively and harmoniously. Her focus is on empowering people to build shared understanding and work collaboratively to make a mindful difference in the world. She works to further social change and peace-building in the world through better governance and communication structures.


Next Steps...

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